Start your business: 20 ideas for you


Maxi Knust

3/10/20242 min read

Self-employment - yes or no? If the thought of starting a business has been on your mind for a long time, you probably know it: the feeling of inner restlessness, restlessness and dissatisfaction - perhaps combined with the certainty that there is something more slumbering somewhere deep inside you, the tedious everyday work of your 9th -to-5 jobs cannot have been all and the desire to reinvent yourself and finally follow your heart.

Is the will there? Excellent! But now it comes to the really tricky question: How to start self-employment? With these 20 business ideas for your self-employment you will get a lot of inspiration - so that your start-up does not fail because of the missing business idea.

Become self-employed - but you still don't have a business idea?

In fact, many women have a great desire to take the leap into self-employment and to realize their own ideas. Because there is no question that self-employment has a lot of advantages: you are your own boss and can work when, where and with whom you want - and ideally also follow your heart. Sounds good right?

But it is also a fact that only very few have the courage, because the step out of the (supposedly) secure job and into the unknown is often associated with fear and a risk that many do not want to face.

But it is not always just a lack of courage and the right mindset - often there is simply a lack of a brilliant and convincing business idea. Once this has been found, the will and motivation to start a business almost automatically goes through the roof!

20 great business ideas for your self-employment

Are you still looking for the perfect business idea for you? We present 20 start-up ideas – maybe the right one for you is among them!

#1 Start your own label

Whether T-shirts or bags - are you good at sewing and have been furnishing family and friends with self-sewn items for years? Open an online shop and take your creations out into the world!

You are: creative, technically gifted, tried and tested with sewing and handicrafts

#2 Open a DIY shop

Handicrafts are your passion and you love creating and making things yourself instead of buying them? Build a business with it and show off your unique pieces!

You are: creative, technically gifted, individual and do-it-yourself

#3 Coffee, beer or wine?

Gastro is (almost…) always possible - open a cute café or a trendy bar and convince your guests of your own baking creations or cocktail skills!

You are: risk-taking, hospitable, culinary talented

#4 Make big speeches

You can speak well in front of people and have a particularly emphatic disposition - have you ever considered starting your own business as a funeral or wedding speaker?

You are: eloquent, emphatic, rhetorically strong

#5 Offer to help as a coach

Do you have a talent for motivating people and supporting them in their decisions? Then perhaps training or further education as a consulting coach is just right for you - there are countless niches and opportunities!

You are: motivating, compassionate, inspiring

#6 For dogs & Co.

Are you fond of animals and maybe even a dog, cat or animal owner yourself? Start a dog walking service, train as a pet groomer, or open your own pet hotel!

You are: fond of animals, patient, calm

#7 Open a cooking school

You are a hobby cook and your family and friends are absolutely enthusiastic about your recipes? Pass on your knowledge and open your own cooking school – in “real life” or online!

You are: creative, enthusiastic about cooking, culinary talent

#8 Be on the road with a food truck

Do you have a soft spot for special dishes or would you like to take your traditional and incredibly delicious family dish out into the wide world? Open a food truck (or van!) and offer fresh delicacies and home-cooked food from your vehicle!

You are: creative, enthusiastic about cooking, culinary talent

#9 Flower and garden service

Do you have a green thumb, like gardening and do you enjoy your own colorful balcony or your green four walls every day? Turn it into a business and offer your creative planting and gardening skills to people whose home or garden is lacking fresh pep!

You are: a plant lover, creative, like to be in the fresh air

#10 Great lyrics

You have a soft spot for beautiful sentences, wise words and you know how to put it all on paper? Help others with your talent to write better texts and do their paperwork - whether online or offline.

You are: creative, talented in writing, articulate

#11 Sporty, sporty

You can never sit still for long, love an exhausting workout or a relaxing yoga session? Train yourself to become a fitness instructor (or yoga, Pilates, meditation or, or, or…) and combine the urge to move with entrepreneurship!

You are: sporty, active, motivating

#12 Become a niche photographer

You have a good eye and maybe even worked as a wedding or event photographer before? Animal or object photography are also possible niches for building a business as a photographer!

You are: creative, emphatic, imaginative and multifaceted

#13 Become a technology startup entrepreneur

You see a problem and how to solve it using technology? Then start your own startup. Are you already a tech nerd yourself? Excellent! But even if you don't have the foggiest idea about the details of tech - just get the right co-founder.

You are: interested in technology, willing to take risks, entrepreneurial

#14 Become a teacher, lecturer or online course provider

Are you an absolute expert in a field, are you good at explaining things and love to impart your knowledge to others? Work as a teacher and/or create online courses that help others (whether yoga, language learning, cooking and baking, coaching, etc. …).

You are: patient, helpful, committed

#15 Become a jewelry designer

Do you have a penchant for pretty jewelry and have you ever made bracelets, necklaces or earrings for you and your girls? Take your skills to the next level and sell your treasures through your own online shop!

You are: creative, enthusiastic about handicrafts, fashionable

#16 Open a zero-waste store

You care about nature and you want to support the sustainability scene? With the opening of a zero-waste shop, you are absolutely trendy, you can sell sustainably manufactured products and, incidentally, you are also doing something to protect our climate.

You are: committed, environmentally conscious, sales talent

#17 Build your own delivery service

Whether crispy rolls for breakfast, homemade biscuits and cakes for afternoon coffee or fresh fruit to the office - with your own delivery service you can find a real niche and offer creative culinary combinations by delivery!

You are: creative, love to bake and cook, mobile

#18 Start an office service

As a Virtual Assistant you can support other companies with marketing, acquisition or email correspondence - online and wonderfully from wherever you want!

You are: organized, structured, reliable

#19 Planning talent

If you like to plan, are good at organizing and stress and deadline pressure don't bother you, maybe self-employed as an event planner would be something for you! Whether for weddings, hen parties, baby showers, birthdays, anniversaries - there are always plenty of niches!

You are: emphatic, organized, structured

#20 Design talent

Are you creative, bubbling over with ideas and enjoy designing? Use your talent and offer it to others – e.g. B. when designing invitation, wedding or thank you cards!

You are: creative, original, fond of handicrafts

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