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We empower female founders and entrepreneurs to start and grow their business.

FEMPRENEUR is the space for female founders and entrepreneurs, filled with inspirational and educational content.

Do you want to start your own business or already have your own startup? Then you are exactly right here!

I know from my own experience how important it is to be inspired and to see authentic role models who give us the feeling: Yes, I can do that too!

The time as a founder and entrepreneur can sometimes be a wild rollercoaster ride, with so many new challenges to be overcome. During this time it is helpful to exchange ideas with like-minded people and to become aware of your own potential through inspiring content.

On FEMPRENEUR you will find stories of female founders, entrepreneurs and CEOs as well as articles about innovation, marketing, startup, business and how to's.

My Story

About me

Hi, my name is Maxi and in 2015 I founded the first digital magazine for female founders in Germany FEMPRENEUR.de - with the vision of making more female founders visible and thus being able to inspire other women, followed up by the english publication FEMPRENEUR.space.

My proffessional background is in Digital Marketing, E-Commerce, Business Development and Publishing. After my studies in Business Administration & Strategic Business Development, I felt called to start my own business and move to Berlin.

When I discovered that in 2015 only 15% of startups founders were women and publications only covered the male startup founders, I felt the strong need for a change. So I decided to create the change I wanted to see. That's how the brand and digital magazine FEMPRENEUR came into life.

As a keynote speaker I also held speeches at events and working together with brands like BMW. I also held a very successful TED-Talk about the importance of the mindset. >> You can watch it here!

Website: maxiknust.com

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Maxi Knust

Founder, Publisher & Editor