From passion to profession - this is how you create your own business!


Maxi Knust

1/7/20242 min read

Women with hat, laughing, frpm passion to profession, create your own business
Women with hat, laughing, frpm passion to profession, create your own business

Imagine never having to work again, but simply pursuing your hobby or passion all day long and earning money at the same time. Sounds good right? Admittedly, this may be expressed in a simple way and cannot be implemented immediately, but the idea behind it is absolutely true: If you have enough passion for a thing, a service or a product, you definitely have what it takes to be successful Building a business – you too!

The secret of successful companies? Real passion!

It's no big secret in the world of entrepreneurs: If you want to found and build a sustainable and organically growing business, you need a good strategy and maybe some financial start-up help, but above all you need the right attitude. That means: fire, enthusiasm and passion for the product or the service that is to be sold.

Because to be honest – without the necessary passion, even the smartest marketing strategy and the most sophisticated business plan are most likely of little use to you. Your company will develop completely differently (in the direction of success) if you enjoy manufacturing and selling your product and stand behind it and the message 100%.

Because think about it: A product can be so beautiful, useful or practical - if it shows no heart, no joy and no conviction, it will probably not attract customers.

In 4 steps: Find your passion - and turn it into a business!

Do you already know exactly what your passion is and what you want to start the self-employment project with? Perfect, then you have already taken the first important step on your way to your own dream business - feel free to look here if you want to start planning now! Are you still unsure which product or service you would like to start your own business with? Then grab pen and paper or your memo app and start writing and brainstorming:

Step #1

First of all, write down everything you have learned and what you have done so far and really make a note of all tasks and jobs - from part-time work to permanent employment.

Then check: what made you happy? What not? What would you like to continue doing in the future, what would you like to finally leave behind - or should you go in a completely different direction?

Step #2

Then think about what you enjoy in general, what you are good at, and what you have special skills in.

Tip: Feel free to ask your family and friends here, because sometimes you can't see the forest for the trees… and who knows, maybe THE idea will come from your environment?

Really try to focus on yourself and your passion and don't get bogged down in phrases like "I'm sure you can make good money with that!" / You can’t make any money with that anyway!”.

It's not about the meaning or the supposed reason - what is your hobby, what do you like to do or create in your free time, what do you particularly like, what do you have a talent for that is the envy of those around you?

Step #3

Have you found what you are passionate about? Then get behind the keyboard and research the Internet to see what can be found on your desired topic and whether there are potential customers - don't be discouraged if someone else has already realized your business idea.

That's actually really great, because it shows you that there is obviously a market for your idea! Maybe you can just specialize more precisely instead and find out your unique selling proposition?

Step #4

Also research which business model is suitable for you and what (e.g. technical or financial) requirements you would have to meet. Which type of business would you like to register - do you want to start as a freelancer or register a business?

Another possibility is of course to try out and let off steam as a part-time job - maybe with your own podcast or your own YouTube channel?

In addition to the "usual" networks, both are actually great opportunities to present yourself and your product to the world and to calmly check what the (target) audience actually gets.

2 tips: From passion to business

Tip #1: Listen to yourself and your heart!

If you have written down your experiences, your ideas and desires, you should already have a somewhat clearer picture of what your own passion is (maybe you even surprised yourself?) and if there is a possible market.

Try it out and (most importantly!) listen to your heart and your intuition [in the idea generation mode and when the million dollar idea is still waiting] - then nothing can really stand in the way of your success as a founder!

Tip #2: Get help and network with other female founders

Of course, we also know that it is often very difficult, especially at the beginning, to defend yourself, your business idea and your dream of having your own company in front of others and how easy it is to let yourself be unsettled.

Therefore, our tip: seek help and support from like-minded FEMPRENEURs and founders right from the start, who are all at the same point or have been there before. Many heart ideas never find their way out into the world because there is still so much uncertainty about starting your own business and the topic of self-employment.

If you are convinced of your idea and want to try it out, you shouldn't let yourself be diverted from your path, but follow your heart and your passion - because as the saying goes: Better an "oops" than a "what if?"

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