Florian Kassel launches the 'Digitale Gründung' platform: "A good structure is half the battle in the startup phase."


Maxi Knust

6/20/20233 min read

We spoke to entrepreneur Florian Kassel last year about his online marketing agency d_tre. Now Florian has launched his latest project: Digitale Gründung [eng: Digital Startup]. The platform was developed as a one-stop shop for founders, entrepreneurs and SMEs in Germany and offers extensive services, e.g. for trademark registration, online law, model contracts, coaching, seminars and much more.

Establishing a company in particular involves many steps and many of them often have a big question mark in their heads. Therefore, professional help can save a lot of time and nerves, especially in the beginning. "A good structure is half the battle in the start-up phase," says Florian, who shares the 5 most important steps when starting a company in this interview.

With "Digitale Gründung" you have developed a one-stop shop for founders, entrepreneurs and SMEs in Germany. What can future founders find on digitale-gruendung.de?

Digital foundation acts as a strong partner in the foundation phase. This means: We support you with a speed start-up with different packages, act as a digital lawyer for topics such as trademark registration or online law and offer coaching and seminars by our experts.

In addition, founders can find out more about topics such as accounting, controlling and corporate management in our guide.

You also offer targeted support in founding a company and have 3 different packages. What services are included in your packages?

Our packages are tailored to the desired legal form and offer interested parties everything that is essential for a successful speed foundation.

Depending on the level of support required, prospective founders can choose between “Lean”, “Fine” and “Full”.

On a small scale, for example, we take over the coordination of the notary appointment and create a corresponding model contract. If you choose "Full", you will benefit from extensive support including a start-up workshop.

If you are unsure which package best suits your needs, simply use our free initial consultation.

You can also book individual services with you, e.g. registering a German trademark, creating the general terms and conditions or creating the liquidity plan. What should founders pay particular attention to when founding their own company and where should one definitely get professional help?

A good structure is half the battle in the start-up phase. The individual steps can be very complex and take a lot of time.

Many founders underestimate this. With our support, individual steps or the entire foundation can be implemented more quickly and in a more structured manner.

Professional help is particularly beneficial for tax and legal issues, such as trademark registration. As a digital lawyer, Digitale Gründer helps with points such as similarity research.

You can also book coaching and seminars at “Digitale Gründung”. What topics do you offer?

Our coaching and seminars deal with current and relevant start-up topics! Specifically, interested parties can select offers from the categories of accounting, marketing, law and taxes.

On "Digitale Gründung" those interested will find a comprehensive range of legal topics such as data protection, trademark registration, legally secure shops and websites and much more. Who provides this legal advice?

Experienced lawyers who offer comprehensive legal advice work at "Digitale Gründung". They support founders in all relevant legal issues such as data protection, trademark registration, legally secure shops and websites and much more.

Our experts are on hand to ensure that all legal aspects of setting up a company and the digital presence are covered completely and in compliance with the law. Digital Foundation also works with various partners.

What are the first 5 most important steps when starting a business?

In our experience, the following five steps are the most important:

  • Check your idea for profitability. In this step we help many founders with information and resources for idea validation.

  • Create a structured business plan

  • Decide on a legal form and take care of the relevant administrative procedures. Since this step can take a lot of time, we have developed various start-up packages. This greatly simplifies the bureaucracy.

  • Determine the capital requirements for your company and develop a solid financing strategy.

  • Use mentoring programs and workshops to expand your knowledge and skills.

Website: www.digitale-gruendung.de

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